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I moved into Bayside Commons and I wish I hadn't! Rent prices are reasonable; now I know why.

The staff and management at Bayside Commons are extremely unprofessional. Lisa is very nice, but she doesn't follow through, and has lied to more than one of us, consistently. If you request her to enforce rules with residents, she plays both sides, but lies to your face. Sabacca (or however you spell it..) is rude to residents once you're in a lease. I have personally witnessed mistreatment of other people waiting to talk to her, as well as myself and my husband. She does not want to handle anybody's complaints, and when you remind her that maintenance never came when it's been over a month, she gets very mean and rude. Laurie, who is the old manager, did not schedule or oversee that maintenance requests were performed in a timely manner, and it was better for her if they were ignored!

Bayside is only interested in doing business with you, as long as it's a one way street. For instance, even though I paid the deposit and rent for a garage, the opener (inside) broke, and I was unable to access it for 3 weeks or more. This was shortly after moving in, so i had tons of things I unloaded off the truck into the apartment, because we were tired. We had taken some things over to the garage, but not everything. A couple of days later went to move stuff into the garage, but couldn't. When maintenance finally made the call for the repair of the garage (and it was fixed), I opened it to find several boxes of china dumped on the floor. They were on a desk and 'somehow' they fell, and broke. But nobody took responsibility! When we first moved in, the air conditioning did not work, and I KNOW FOR A FACT THEY KNEW THIS. Via a neighbor, I was able to find out that the previous tenant moved out because they refused to fix the air conditioning, the shower, or her drains. Yet, they allowed me to move in, in AUGUST---PREGNANT, with no air, and a broken shower stall?????

We immediately told them about the broken shower stall. There was a crack in the floor, and I was afraid to shower- you could see like empty black space through the crack. Like there was no base or support or something. It also felt flimsy. Our repeated requests to fix the shower floor went ignored. Finally, Lisa informed us she scheduled Royal Finish to come out such and such day. They never showed up. I called to find out why. She said because they never showed up at the office, never called, etc. I find that hard to believe, and by the way, thanks for calling me to tell me I didn't have to vacate my apartment for 6 hours with a newborn baby for no reason.....

It was eventually scheduled again, but it took forever. We were there for over 3 months when they finally came out to fix the shower. I told Lisa several times that they needed to replace the bottom, not waste $$ on trying to repair. It would break again b/c there was no support underneath. And it did- so far, twice! I moved in the middle of August. It's now February, and it's broken again.

About 3 months after moving in, I started noticing a roach here and there. I keep my apartment extremely clean. Then we started seeing a few more. I am repulsed by these little creatures, so we detail cleaned and bleached the kitchen, top to bottom. We even pulled out all the appliances, including the hood, and cleaned and sprayed raid. While scrubbing the floor behind the fridge (which we had a request in to replace because our milk kept spoiling...), I saw a roach go under a floor tile, and I lifted it up. I must have been standing on the tile cleaning, because there were about 10-15 dead ones sticking to the bottom of the tile. I peeled more tiles back, and threw them away. We then sealed (ourselves, because the request, again, had been ingnored) all of the counters, cabinets, and any other crevices so that it would be impossible for the roaches to hide.

I now have a dishwasher that has been out of service for several months. I dislike washing dishes by hand every day for several months, for a family of 6 people...

The apartment also smelled like dog, and dog *** when we moved in. The gal before us apparently had two dogs. Whoever cleaned the carpets, only used steam, no shampoo, and they smelled awful! The bathrooms....whoever cleaned the apartment didn't clean the outsides or bases of the toilets, or scrub out the showers. There was still hair and mold from the previous tenant. Speaking of mold, there is mold in my laundry room, on the wall, which has also not been addressed.

We also had a master bedroom window that did not lock, that's a safety issue. It was eventually fixed, but not for several months.

We were told when we moved in, by LISA, that rent was due on or before the 4th. Several months after living here, we were informed, it was due on the 3rd, and since it was the 4th (we went to drop off rent), we owed them late fees for every month. Lisa denied saying this, but I specifically remember her saying that, and so does my husband. So, we were forced to pay late fees for every month we'd been there. When I asked why, after so many months they decided to say something, I got no response. We paid the rent and the late fees, but it was later returned to us with an eviction notice on our door, because 'they don't take partial rent payments'.

Funny how they took a supposed 'partial' payment from us EVERY MONTH (since they claim we owed them late fees) and it was never returned then! You must also pay the water bill directly to them, not the water company. This month they informed us that our water bill would be going up to $95.00 a month, because it was $20 a person per month. What?? That doesn't even make sense! The water company charges per cubit unit, not per person, and somebody needs to go back to math class!

They also told us this month (we are putting rent in escrow), that if the rent was late, there was a late fee, and on top of that, a $44 dollar fee for the That's not in my lease, but I guess they think they can make things up along the way.

The apartments are under new management, but most of the old employees are still there. The new manager seems nice, but that is yet to be seen. Things are still not getting done on time. She's been there for about a month, maybe a little more. Since she's been there, I've requested for my dishwasher to be fixed/replaced about 3 has yet to be done.

Overall, T&R Properties are BAD NEWS. You are treated like you don't matter, and like I said, they expect your rent in full, on time, but they do not live up to what a landlord should have to. The only thing nice about this place is the maintenance staff, who at least smile and are friendly when they visit your apartment.

There is also a problem with trash. They had the audacity to tell me to remove the blankets from my windows because it looked 'trashy' (heat is set at 75 degrees, and we still get wind coming thru the patio doors, and bedrooms are cold, I have 4 kids!), but, they say and do nothing about things that look trashy-er, like garbage and furniture thrown on the grass and left for months......

Yep, their priorities are definitely backwards. DO NOT RENT FROM T&R.

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Had horrible experience living there too. They lie and try to scam people out of money.


I have lived in CountryView West apartments for 16 years, There are so many issues about the bad manigement i can not begin to relate to them here.

I suggest you call Franklin County Housing Authority, and discuss your issue with them.

It may help to record you phone calls when dealing with management, just a suggestion...


Pittsburgh PA. T&R must have gone to the same training session!

Constant lies, if you are an owner renting property they have countless stories of angry tenants requiring a given repair.

If you agree, you will get a bill for shoddy work at twice the going rate, invariably done by some relative of the Office Staff.

Columbus, Ohio, United States #593595

I have experienced the same unprofessional practices from another T & R Property, Tiffany Lakes. While living there my AC stopped working in May, my boyfriend is an HVAC licensed technician so he identified the problem right away. I informed maintenance what had happened, there was a blockage in the lines and the thermometer wasn't regulated and needed to be replaced, and instead of doing any of that they changed the filter. Oh and they were rude to me because I called them when they were at a picnic, it was 90 + degrees and my poor puppy and I were cooking in our apartment but I am so sorry I interrupted their picnic.

Ok so that being said, the problem was still not fixed so I contacted them again, and again, and again. They didn't come back and no one at the office returned my calls. My electric that month and the following 6 months went from an average of $75/mo to $200/mo because the unit just ran non stop and if I turned it off my apartment, which due to the broken unit was already 80 degrees, would go up to 90 degrees. So finally when my lease was coming up for renewal I got a chance to speak with the manager, Stephanie D (I think it is Stephanie Delong but she never told me her last name) who apologized and informed me that they had fired the maintenance man and were in the process of hiring someone else. Ok I informed her about my electric bill increase and how uncomfortably hot my unit is and that at this point I was NOT renewing. She insisted that I give them time to fix it and until then after my lease expires, in about 3 weeks at this time, she would have us on month to month but at no extra charge than what we were paying already. This seemed fair especially seeing as we had been paying about $130 extra a month in electric for the past 6 months due to bad maintenance. So I gave them about 2 more months then I had had enough. I moved out on Nov 30th and the AC unit was still not fixed at that time.

Well now it is January and I just was informed that I owe them money for month to month fees that were not paid. I called up the office at Tiffany Lakes and was told that not only did Stephanie get transferred but she also conveniently forgot about her agreement with me. But the new manager, Melissa, said that she could see that there was an agreement because the month to month fees were never collected and there were no fees prior to my departure. We always paid on time and if she hadn't had an agreement with me she definitely would have made some attempt to collect those fees or they could have evicted me or something. But like I said here is it January, I have been moved out for almost 2 months and this is the first I had heard of any owed fees, since May to November apparently.

I should be receiving some of my deposit back seeing as the only damage was a hole in the floor due to a bad patch job prior to my moving in and my curious puppy liked to play with said bad patch job. But the Non refundable pet fee was $150, the refundable pet fee was $150, plus the refundable $300 deposit for moving in. But instead of paying me what is rightfully mine I am being penalized for Stephanie's negligence and they are trying to charge me an additional $181 for fees.

Little to say I do not recommend, I insist consumers STAY AWAY from T & R Properties completely and I am pissed that people continue to be treated so poorly by rental companies. There has to be better regulations and repercussions for such bad business. :(

Towson, Maryland, United States #2975


we were told that if we wanted to receive service from dish network, that we must pay the office a $300 deposit.....even though we would not be touching their structure. We had planned to do what many people do, which is plant the satellite in a bucket of concrete.

No, they wanted a $300 deposit for us to have service with them. Is that legal?? Isn't that like taking my right to choose as a consumer away? When asked why, or if the policy was only for people who installed a dish on their roof/structure, Lisa said No, it was policy for everyone, even if the dish wasn't touching their stuff.

Unbelievable! :(

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